Sample web videos

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A web video on your museum site shows people in advance what they can expect to enjoy.  Include all of your exhibits with loads of smiling faces.

The product was, in the words of one my Board members, “world class.” I couldn’t have said it better. The video was just the right balance of informative and moving; it contained an emotional pull to contribute to ScienceWorks as well as a rational basis for that giving. The visual techniques, the pacing, the overlap of visual and sound, all made for a lively, entertaining, and poignant experience.

The bottom line is: it worked. We were hoping to raise $25,000 from the Luncheon; we raised $39,000. There were other parts of the program that day that were effective, but the video is what stood out in people’s minds, according to our post-event survey.

I also want to say that working with you was a joy. You are such a quick study.

Very truly yours,

Sharon Javna

Founder and Board President

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum

No mere advertisement can capture the raw enthusiasm of people spontaneously enjoying all the exhibits in your museum.  See what a web video can do for YOUR museum.