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There is no better way to fund-raise than to do a DVD presentation showing all that you do for your community.

A DVD beats a power point presentation any day with interviews that make a strong emotional appeal.

...Michael approached this project with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the feelings of our clients.  Through his exceptional interviewing and editing skills, he captured the essence of our services. This high quality product conveys, without a doubt, the importance of WinterSpring Center services and the passion that those involved with this organization feel for WinterSpring as well as a compelling and relevant appeal for community support.  He was at all times professional, responsive to our unique needs and very easy to communicate and work with.  Michael’s work went above and beyond our highest expectation...

Feel free to call me with any questions.

Sue Carroll

Executive Director - WinterSpring Center Medford, Oregon

      ...what could have been a very stressful project

was really quite fun!

Find out what a powerful video can do to help you raise the kind of money you need in these challenging economic times.