html5 video autobuffer maker by v2.0


We’ll make a film biography about the most interesting of all subjects... YOU. Personal Biographies



3-5 minute photo album with your narration

Over the song of your choice, you talk about photographs from your photo album. You may choose to be filmed while you speak, or choose to simply have your voice recorded. You talk about what the photos mean to you: The memories associated with each picture. Where you were in your life at the time the photo was taken.

With dazzling transitions and production that uses the music to maximize the import and sentimental impact of the pictures, you have an amazing 3-5 minute moving photo album with music while you narrate.     On DVD: $299



20 minute "mini-biography" with selected music, photos and home movies, and your narration

Over your favorite songs, your on or off camera narration transports the viewer over a lifetime using your pictures, home-movies, and whatever you have including newspaper clippings or keepsakes, that can be used to best tell the story of your life. This is a stunning 20 minute biography of PBS documentary caliber.    On DVD: $1999



50 minute "personal biography" with selected music, photos and home movies, interviews with friends and family, and your narration

The same design as the $1999 package but the biography is packed with a lifetime’s memories in a 50 minute program. Includes the thoughts over your life, and your life’s philosophy. Includes comments from your friends and family, and how they’ve known you.

This is the ultimate family legacy. One that will assure that nothing is forgotten. And nothing is left out.    On DVD: $2999